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Browning Pro Series safes are built to satisfy the demands of the discriminating buyer. Many safes in this premium line include high-security oversize MAX Bolts, the smooth Gear Drive Locking System and beveled outer corners — features not found on other Browning safes.


Like every safe we offer, Pro Series models offer a flawless outer finish and a luxuriously-appointed interior that is as versatile as it is beautiful. 

 One key comparison feature you will want to give extra attention to is a safe’s construction. By this we mean how the safe is put together . . . particularly the door. The mechanism that includes the bolts and the way they actually lock the door to the safe is critical. So is the way the door frame is built in order to resist prying.  Overall strength and massiveness of the materials themselves are key. Each factor contributes to the level of safety you are getting. The difference in security that you get between a bottom-of-the-line safe compared to a top end  safe is so wide that you must know what you are looking for — and what features you need — to make the correct decision. 

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