We designed the Valor 48 to our exact specifications. From four-sided locking bolts to 12 gauge steel and a 60 minute fire rating, the Valor 48 is the perfect way to protect your valuables without breaking the bank. This isn't your typical "tin can" import, and it won't pass through four sets of hands only to be sold at a ridiculously marked up price. Designed by Spartan, built by the world's largest safe manufacturer, and sold directly to you.


Fire Rating: 60 Minutes


Dimensions: 59" Tall x 40" Wide x 25" Deep - Add 2" to depth for handle clearance


Weight: 701lbs


Capacity: 48


Lock: Securam Electronic Lock


Hardware: Chrome Five-Spoke Handle


Bolt Coverage: Four-Sided with 14 Total Locking Bolts


Country of Origin: China


Warranty: Limited Lifetime - Contact us for details.


Factory Installed Door Panel with 8 Pistol Pockets and 2 Thermal Lined Pouches to protect sensitive items


Flexible Three-Sectioned Interior that allows for storage of longer items or shelving for storage of valuables


Valor 48 Black Textured

$1,649.99 Regular Price
$1,399.00Sale Price