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A Wolf in Wolf's Clothing

From the weathered Metal Glaze finish to the rugged security and fire protection features that protect your guns and most valuable possessions, the 1878 is one tough safe. It features the industry-leading Axis Adjustable Shelving interior that lets you configure the shelves to optimize storage to meet your exact demands. Due to variations in the metal used to construct the body and door, every 1878 safe is unique, with an individual look and character of its own. 1878 safes are made in the USA.

The standard for hunters.

The smallest safe in the 1878 line, the 33 is classified as a Standard size safe. The slim interior houses up to 33 long guns with plenty of space for jewelry, pistols, documents, and other important items.

The small overall size of the 1878-33 makes it the ideal safe if you don't have a lot of extra room, or you want to store a portion of your firearms in a bedroom closet or other location separate from your primary firearm storage.



Fire Rating 90 Minute/1680°

Security 11 Gauge

Gun Capacity / Config 33 total (13/26+7)

Body Thickness 11 Gauge

Bolts14 (8 Active)

Cubic Feet 27

Fire Rating90 Minute / 1680°

Overall Weight 715 lbs 0 oz

Dimensions H 60 x W 31 x D 25

Handle Type Cast Iron Wheel

Door Type1 1/4" Formed

Paint gloss

Scene / Graphics Metal Plate Logo

Lock System Force Deflector

Safe Security Rating UL® RSC Tool Attack

Interior Color Beige Fabric

Locking Bolt Sides3 Sides (Top, Left, Right)




Customization4 Options

While the footprint of this safe is large, the exterior depth is a mere 25 inches to prevent it from protruding excessively into the room in which it is placed.


A canyon-like interior expanse.


The 1878-33 provides an incredible amount of secure storage at the best dollar per cubic foot rate you'll find. This safe is massive. The Extra Wide interior yields a maximum capacity of 49 long guns on the DPX door rack and Axis Adjustable Shelving will room to spare for handguns, optics cameras and other valuables. Though wide, the 1878 safe is only 60" tall, giving you more options for safe placement than some of our taller models.

Browning 1878 33

$4,009.00 Regular Price
$3,568.01Sale Price
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