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Built for hunters, in the size you need.


This beautiful safe capably houses up to 49 long guns and still has room for jewelry, pistols, documents and other important items. Available in a rich gloss black or a tough textured charcoal finish, giving you a style that will compliment your home interior or look right at home in the garage. Tasteful scroll graphics resemble what you may find engraved on your favorite over and under shotgun.


The lower height profile of the HC49 gives you more options for safe placement than some of our taller models. We've designed our gun safes to be wider like a bureau instead of the more common "boxy" refrigerator like dimensions of other safes (25" exterior depth), allowing you to place the safe in any number of locations in your house without blocking off interior space. 




11 Gauge Steel Body

1-1/4" Formed Door with Inner Plate

Force Deflector Locking System

Hardened Steel Pin Lock Protection

Pry Stop End Bolts

1-1/4" Chromed Steel Locking Bolts on Three Sides of Door


Fire Protection


1680 Degrees for 90 Minutes

1-7/8" Ceiling Insulation

1-7/8" Body Insulation

1-3/4" Door Insulation




Automotive Grade Gloss Black or Textured Charcoal Finish

Hell's Canyon Graphic

Three Spoke Handle in Black Chrome Finish

Beige Fabric Interior

Premium Full DPX Storage System with Quick Access DPX Barrel Rack and Scope Saver on Door

Axis Adjustable Steel Shelving With Pistol Rack

Elevated Floor Protects Gun Stocks

High Capacity Barrel Racks




49 Long Gun Capacity 26/39 + 10 on door

Exterior: 60" x 43" x 25"

Interior: 54" x 38-1/2" x 17"

Cubic Feet: 37

Weight: 875lbs

14 Locking Bolts

Standard Interior: 

5 Axis Steel Shelves

3 High Capacity Barrel Racks

1 Axis Pistol Rack

Hell's Canyon 49 Base Price

SKU: HC 49
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