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Amazing value, custom design.


SiIver safes are the base of the Browning ProSteel Custom Collection line-up. These safes share the same number of options as the Medallion and Platinum Plus safes, with a few feature changes that make their price more attractive. The SR33 is the smallest safe in the Silver line. The trim interior securely houses up to 33 long guns while the Axis interior opens up extra room for jewelry, pistols, documents and other important items that you won't fit into another brand of safe


Gun Capacity / Config: 33 total (11/22+7)

Body Thickness: 11 Gauge

Bolts: 16 (10 Active)

Cubic Feet: 27

Fire Rating: 100 Minute / 1680°

Overall Weight: 730 lbs 

Dimensions: H 60" xW 31" x D 25 1/2"

Handle Type: 5-spoke

Door Type: 1 5/16" Duo-Formed

Paint: Varied

Scene / Graphics: Raised Metallic Logo, Pinstriping and Silk-Screened Scene

Lock System: Force Deflector

Safe Security Rating: UL® RSC Tool Attack

Interior Color: Beige Fabric

Locking Bolt Sides: 4 Sides (Top, Bottom, Left, Right)

Silver Series 33 Base Price

SKU: SR 33
$3,719.00 Regular Price
$3,309.91Sale Price
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