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A Standard size safe, the SP33 meets the needs of the average gun owner and then tacks on additional value without the exorbitant price tag that other companies charge. The Standard size of this safe provides you with a lot of options for placement in your home as it doesn't need a large space, yet it will provide excellent capacity, storing up to 33 long guns. The smart design emphasizes width over depth, making for a safe that won't be an obstacle to move around and maximizing accessibility to storage in the rear of the safe. Add excellent fire and theft protection and you have the perfect safe for even the thriftiest of gun owners.


Gun Capacity / Config 33 total


Body Thickness 12


Bolts 8 (5 Active)Cubic Feet 23
Fire Rating 60 Minute / 1400°

Overall Weight

520 lbs

Dimensions H 58 x W 29 x D 24Handle Type3-spoke
Door Type1" FormedPaint GLOSS

Scene / GraphicsSilk-Screened Logo

and Scroll

Lock SystemForce


Safe Security RatingUL® RSC Tool


Interior Color Beige


Locking Bolt Sides3 Sides

(Top, Left, Right)

Sporter 33 Hammered Grey Gloss

$1,849.00 Regular Price
$1,645.61Sale Price
Color: Hammered Grey
Hardware : Black
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